Krista Martin Jones in Athens

About Krista Martin Jones

Krista is a mom to three school-aged girls and has been married for over 14 years.  She has experienced loss, trauma, medical diagnoses of a loved one, anxiety and heartbreak.  She has had to re-find her groove many times over the years as she has learned to deal with what life hands her while following her heart and continuously seeking her life's purpose.

Krista is also a self-care advocate who finds joy in cooking, gardening, volunteering, creating and bringing happiness to others.  She contributes her well-being to her yoga practice and to doing more of what makes her feel happy and healthy.

Krista graduated from the University of Georgia (way back when;) with a degree in Anthropology, which she attributes to her ability to understand and relate to people of all walks of life and the effects their environments have on them.  She has since been a lifelong student acquiring certifications in Montessori Education, Birth Doula, Yoga (Hatha, Prenatal and Postnatal), Feng Shui and Life Coaching. 

what folks are saying about Krista:

Krista makes you HAPPIER at work

"My office space was cluttered, disorganized and dysfunctional until Krista came for a visit.  In the span of an afternoon, she transformed my office into a space that looks amazing and feels great to work in, and I get complements almost every day from co-workers and visitors alike."

-Trevor, attorney

Krista helps you MAKE more time

"I am insanely busy, but scheduling with Krista helped me MAKE time --working with her for a few hours has already added time to my day because things are so much more clearly laid out.  Now we have working spaces with visible, usable desks. Before she came we really only had cluttered spaces.  I can't thank her enough.  And she did it all with material we already had!!!!" 

-Misha, professor UGA

Krista is SHAKTI manifest

"Krista's home is her palette, hues of love, warmth and nurturing.  She uses her shakti to make this world more livable for us humans with endless ideas, endless creations, endless energy."

-Kerry, kundalini yoga instructor